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23 August, 2017

Garden Notes – Yellow

Garden Club The Villager

So many people do not like yellow in the garden which is such a pity and rather awkward as Autumn approaches. Many of the stalwarts of the border at this time of the year are the yellow and brown daises. The rudbekias, heleniums solidago and achillea. Even the hosta leaves fade to yellow. However it is easily possible to keep the pink and blue summer borders going into Autumn. ...

20 July, 2017

Garden Notes

Garden Club The Villager

I think there should be book written on the etiquette of garden visiting. “How not to annoy your host.” Do you comment loudly on the fact that their hostas aren’t a patch on yours and how slug bitten they are. Or do you kindly walk past them and pretend that you have not seen them. Do you point out that obvious nettle that your host has overlooked. Perhaps you make a joke about having one’s nose too close to the ground weeding and never looking up. ...

25 June, 2017

Garden Notes – Keep it Going

Garden Club The Villager

I love going to Chelsea but this year it was not the exciting place it usually is. I only really liked one garden, The Silk Road, that the pundits talked down, while as for the best in show!! It was supposed to be a quarry in Malta with native plants. It was the tidiest quarry you have ever seen with all the stones cut to the same size and laid out in rows. ...

29 May, 2017

Garden Notes – Frost!

Garden Club The Villager

What a shock that late frost was. My hydrangeas leaves are destroyed and I wonder if we will see any flowers this year. Perhaps this is the time to buy more of the ones that flower on new wood as well as old. The Endless Summer range will do this. Hostas are limp and even the really tough bergenias suffered. Otherwise the blossom has been superb. The poor vineyards have lost most of their crop. ...

30 April, 2017

Garden Notes – The Race

Garden Club The Villager

What a lovely time of year. Every thing is growing madly and you are desperately trying to finish staking plants before they get out of hand. It is Chelsea chop time again. This works very well on phlox and campanula lactiflora. If you cut half the stems you can extend the flowering period. With sedums, which look dreadful if you take the shears to them, break the top few inches off with your finger and thumb. This gives a clean and unobtrusive cut and works really well. The plant becomes shorter and bushier with broader flower heads. ...

20 March, 2017

Garden Notes

Garden Club The Villager

At last we can start the annual battle against the weeds. In medieval times there was a fighting season and this is it. If you have dug a new area for a border or just dug round things in an existing one it is worth letting the weed seeds, that you have brought to the surface, germinate. You will also be able to treat those deep rooted weeds like dock and thistle. Using Roundup will get rid of them, though there must be enough leaf area to absorb the poison. I miss the plastic bags from the supermarket, they were ideal for covering all the plants in the border that you need to protect from the weed killer spray. I have found that this is the ideal time to start the battle against bindweed. You can see it now and it has not had time to twine round everything. Yes, you will have to spray it again but it will be easier to deal with having less top growth to unwind. ...

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