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Neighbourhood Plan Update

Neighbourhood Plan Update

As you know from our recent communications, we have put on hold the issue of site allocation under the Neighbourhood Plan pending further advice from EHDC. We are, however, proceeding with the drafting of the policies which will be included in our Neighbourhood Plan. We are also gathering evidence to support these policies.

From the start of the process, it has been clear that parishioners attach importance to the protection of existing views in Bentworth. The Steering Committee agree and we have incorporated the following draft wording regarding views:

Objective: To ensure new development does not detract from the notable views of Bentworth

Policy: Where appropriate, proposals for development should demonstrate that the views identified on Proposals map xxx will be preserved

Evidence for policy:

We in the Steering Committee have our own favourite views, but we would really welcome further input. If this is a matter of importance for you, can you please tell us which views you value most. You can identify an view or views, provided the point from which the view is seen is within the parish boundaries and the whole of the view itself is also within these boundaries. The best way to help would be to let us have a description and photographs. Ideally, you would identify the viewpoint on an Ordinance Survey map with six-figure Grid Reference and Direction/bearing. I would be happy to help with this, if needed.

An example is the view from the Front of Star Inn (Grid Ref 664402) Looking West (bearing 270 degrees).

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