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District Councillor’s Report

District Councillor’s Report

I apologise for not being in attendance at the meeting on 1st December, unfortunately work commitments got in the way:

  • Hants CC/EHDC Devolution bid – This is an ongoing subject and will be discussed further at a full Council meeting on Thursday next. I will update you once I have news.
  • Council Community Grant – I have confirmation that I have £1000.00 available. I am exploring other Grant options to raise another £1000.00. I will then seek assistance from the PC and willing donors from the village to find the balance. The overall amount required is £2800.00 plus VAT for the K6 fully reconditioned phone box. I am waiting for confirmation from BT that the electricity supply can be re-instated. As you know, it is the best place to house the defibrillator.
  • Voluntary Speedwatch Questionnaire – This was distributed to the village by me and one local resident. I am led to believe that every house in Bentworth received one. The closing date was 30th. November and we have received 23 responses. A quick, cursory glance tells me that of these, the majority were in favour of speed restrictions, having said that, to receive such a small response would indicate that the rest of the village seem content with maintaining the status quo.
  • Remembrance Day Service – Was a success with the Bugler. I have expressed my gratitude to the family (and booked them for next year). It is my intention to drop off a nice bottle of wine for Christmas.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas

Tony Costigan

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