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Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband

The Parish Council has been contacted by Wield Parish Council with a message regarding the potential availability of wireless broadband. The Parish Council has not had an opportunity to verify the information and is not in a position to endorse the offer, but given the importance of an improved broadband service, the message is provided below. Please contact the supplier directly to register your interest.

Wireless Broadband

We agreed at the meeting held at Wield village hall last month, that  we required five to six businesses/SMEs to obtain  Government Connection Vouchers to subsidise bringing our service to them, and afterwards being able to connect other clients not only in Upper  and Lower Wield, but possibly a wider area.  Due to the abrupt closure of the scheme we were only able to secure three vouchers, leaving us below the economical threshold for a viable business case for us providing our service there. Since the meeting there has been interest from not only the Wields but Bentworth as well, so with this in mind we would still be willing to  bring our service to the area, however  we would need a higher install cost from each user, this will be a minimum of £350.00 per premises regardless of being a business or residential and signing to a minimum  Two Year Contract, rolling monthly thereafter.

Residential and Homeworker Packages will be the minimum services we can supply, although these will all be unlimited data transfer and be inclusive of VAT

[Editor’s note: a further enquiry reveals that there are no download limits subject to abiding by the provider’s reasonable usage policy]

For a business connection that is monitored and has a maximum  four hour start to fix response an extra 25% plus VAT will be added to the residential pricing.


Our optional VoIP Telephone Service, can replace your existing copper landline should you decide to sign up with us.

VoIP telephone service rental  is £7.20 inclusive of VAT per  month, and you can either port your existing number or we can supply a new one for a one off charge of £30.00 inc of VAT.  If you are porting you must keep paying you current supplier until the minute it is switched over to us, it will then be automatically cancelled with your current provider,  this can sometimes  take 5-6 weeks. All 01, 02,03,0800 numbers are free 24/7/365 landline to mobiles only 5p per minute and competitive rates for international calls.

In order to utilise our VoIP service, you will either need to purchase a VoIP phone of your choosing or we can supply a pre configured adaptor which converts your existing landline phone to VoIP for £45.00 inc VAT

There are many VoIP compatible handsets available, but I would suggest one of the more recent models as they contain newer features that make them more suitable for home/small office connectivity.  Ensure that the handset can be configured via a www browser and that it supports the STUN protocol as well as SIP.

For business customers, we can also provide a virtual hosted PBX for an additional £50.00 a month plus VAT.

If we have enough support, we aim to start installing the core system in November hopefully live in time for Christmas


49 Rock Road Torquay TQ2 5SR 0845 8620919

[Please note that this message is not posted on behalf of Bentworth Parish Council and does not necessarily reflect the Parish Council’s policy]

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