20 December, 2016

Farm Diary

The Villager

The ewes are grazing stubble turnips at present. These were sown in September and provide fresh feed now that the grass has little nutritional value. The sheep initially eat the green leaves but then learn that the turnips themselves are preferable being sweet and tasty providing high sugar and therefore energy levels. The alternative for the hopefully pregnant ewes is hay, haylage or silage as a bulk feed, but this is expensive and requires more management, machinery etc. For these ewes which are due to start lambing in early March they will also receive some concentrate nuts from mid Jan onwards. The aim is to produce lambs that are fit and healthy when born but not too large otherwise there will be difficulties at birth. ...

19 December, 2016

Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 6th December 2016

Meetings Minutes Parish Council

The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 6th December 2016 are available to download below.

06 December, 2016

Bentworth Mummers


Happy advent and long time no news… Stephanie and I had heard from a number of you how much you have been missing the Panto this year and as this would have been Panto week, we thought we’d treat you to an upgraded website. We have finally got round to getting more storage online and uploading a load of photos from the last 3 performances. ...

04 December, 2016

Parish Council Planning Meeting Minutes – 16th November 2016

Meetings Minutes Parish Council Planning

The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 16th November 2016 are available to download below.

29 November, 2016

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – 6th December 2016

Meetings Parish Council

There will be a meeting of Bentworth Parish Council at 7:00pm on Tuesday 6th December 2016. The agenda, and the proposed 2017 budget, are available to download below. ...

26 November, 2016

Bentworth Parish Neighbourhood Plan – Public Meeting

Neighbourhood Plan

A big thanks to everyone who completed the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire! The response rate was well over 50%, so we can be comfortable that we have a good cross-section of opinion within the parish. ...

18 November, 2016

Holt End Lane & Trinity Road, Bentworth 40mph Speed Limit

Parish Council Roads and Transport

The public advertisement of the proposed 40mph speed limit at Holt End Lane and Trinity Road in Bentworth will be carried out between 18th November and 9th December 2016 when public notices will appear in the Hampshire Independent newspaper and on site giving members of the public and other interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposals. Details will also be available at www3.hants.gov.uk/publicnotices. ...

14 November, 2016

Planning Committee Meeting Agenda – 16th November 2016

Parish Council Planning

There will be a meeting of the Bentworth Parish Council Planning Committee on Wednesday 16th November at 7:30pm in the Jubilee (school) Hall. The agenda is available to download below. ...