Introduction and Vision

In October/November we sent out a Questionnaire, inviting the view of parishioners on the future development of Bentworth.  58% of parishioners completed and returned these Questionnaires, a great response.

We have used these responses to produce a first draft Vision, Objectives, Policies and Community Aspirations, which – when finalised – will form an important part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

This first draft is reproduced below.  It is not set in stone.  There are some inconsistencies and more work is required to refine it.  The Steering Committee will undertake this further work in the weeks ahead, taking full account of the views of parishioners, and will then engage in a further set of consultation.

The draft was presented at a Public Meeting in the Jubilee Hall on 15th December, attended by 110 parishioners.  Those present gave very useful feedback.  (A record of that meeting is available separately on this website.)  But we would welcome further input from all parishioners, whether they were at the meeting or not.

Feedback can be provided by sending an email at

We look forward to receiving as much input as possible.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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