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Courier Fraud

Courier Fraud

I last spoke about courier fraud early last year, but Police are warning residents to remain vigilant following several incidents recently involving fraudsters attempting to obtain bank cards and account details using bogus telephone calls and couriers.

In one incident, an 86-year-old woman was told by a man on the phone that her account had been targeted and that they had people in custody for the offence but needed to collect her bank cards.

A short time later a man arrived at the door and the victim placed her cards in an envelope and handed them to him. She soon realised what had happened and contacted the bank to cancel the cards. No money was removed from her account.

The stories given down the phone vary, but usually it’s to the effect that some fraudulent activity has occurred on the victim’s card and the caller is ringing to put this matter right. They obtain the PIN during the conversation, but then audaciously arrange to have the ‘bad’ card collected so it can be replaced with a new card.

The debit/credit card is collected, sometimes by an unwitting participant such as a taxi driver or a courier company. The card is taken to a pre-arranged location where the fraudster is then in possession of your card and the PIN.

Of course, no new card is on route and it is often several days before the person realises they have been the victim of a crime – often when they are contacted by their real bank to check why thousands of pounds have suddenly be spent on their account.

Hampshire Police are targeting these criminals so if you have received a call trying to obtain your card details, even if you were wise enough to put the phone down and not disclose anything, please do report it. Any courier companies or taxi drivers that have been asked to pick up such packages are also urged to report this to police.

If you have elderly or more vulnerable friends, family or neighbours please do keep an eye out for them. Make them aware of this scam and remind them not to give any details to unexpected callers. Remain alert and if you see them being approached by unexpected visitors please check who they are and ensure they are a legitimate caller.

Remember, if you have information about any crime, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or click where you can also give details anonymously.

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