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31 August, 2017

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting – 5th September 2017

Meetings Parish Council

There will be a meeting of Bentworth Parish Council at 7:30pm on Tuesday 5th September 2017 in the Jubilee (school) Hall. The agenda is available to download below. ...

23 August, 2017

Signpost Artist

The Villager

Avid readers of the Bentworth Parish Council minutes may have spotted that the Council recently agreed to arrange for the signpost – technically known as a “fingerpost” – on the Village Green to be refurbished. Many of you will have noticed someone undertaking the work. ...

23 August, 2017

Farm News

The Villager

It sounds very repetitive but the weather does dominate farming and today it is very wet again. To put the recent rainfall into perspective when I first started farming in Bentworth in the early 1980’s the annual rainfall was about 28 to 35 inches per year – 2.5 inches a month. The rain that we have recorded since July 12th is 8.8 ins not including today’s contribution which will probably be another inch or so – just in 28 days rather than 3 months. Bad for holiday makers and farmers! ...

28 July, 2017

Bentworth Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 4th July 2017

Meetings Minutes Parish Council

The minutes of the meeting of Bentworth Parish Council held on 4th July 2017 are available to download below.

20 July, 2017


Parish Council

Parishioners of Bentworth if you have hedges running alongside roads or footpaths they probably need cutting back to allow safe passage. The warmth and rain has meant that many of path/roadside hedges are now very overgrown and causing issues when trying to walk/drive along footpaths/lanes within the village. ...

20 July, 2017

Hampshire Federation of WI

The Villager

On 6th July we had our Garden Meeting at 1, Nashes Green, by kind invitation of Diane Southam. It was a very hot day and we were pleased to have shelter under the gazebo. We started the meeting with a Pimm’s . After the business we had various cakes and scones, some donated by members. The results of the Alton Group Quiz were announced and our team won with 146 points against 143, 133 and 107. ...

20 July, 2017

Wildlife Support & Conservation

The Villager

Trees and Protection: Although one mature Oak has been saved at the top of Blackberry Lane in Four Marks, and now has a TPO, the arboricultural officer did not have time to reach another landmark tree, a mature Monkey Puzzle in a garden at Bernard Avenue, and it was felled in June. ...

18 July, 2017

Broadband Update

Broadband Parish Council

For those that are not on Medstead Cabinet 12 but are on cabinet 8, i.e. most people on the Medstead side of the village pond, I understand that there has been a meeting with BT and the Hampshire Superfast contact. ...